Bolt Gutter Protection

Protecting the Home’s Foundation by Preventing Clogs

 Milwaukee receives 35 inches of rain and 45 inches of snow per year. This amount of condensation requires serious gutter performance and Bolt gutter protection will keep the system free of debris and costly clogs at bay.

Bolt is one of the top-performing and quality gutter guards in Milwaukee. Competing products are often engineered with plastic which is prone to breaking down in several short years. Cheap glue or nails are sometimes used to keep the gutter protection in place, which ultimately wears away or even ruins the roof. Other competitors use outdated slots for gutter protection, which allows leaves to easily slip through the crevices and clog up the gutter system.

Bolt gutter protection from UWD takes a different approach. This product is engineered with painted galvanized steel that is immensely effective against the elements. The steel frame can hold a significant amount of weight—-over 200 pounds—which is critical for protecting the home from ice damage.

Stainless Steel Mesh Blocks Out Debris

Homeowners have peace of mind knowing that Bolt is constantly working to block out varying types of debris. Bolt is designed with a Z-pattern stainless steel mesh that eliminates nearly all debris from the gutter system other than the tiniest particles. These particles do not interfere with water flow and will not clog up in the gutter system. This gutter guard protection will block out debris including leaves, sticks, whirlybirds, pine needles, and more.

Bolt easily blends with nearly any style of gutters in Milwaukee. It contains a universal design that’s suitable for many gutter materials and seamlessly forms to the natural curves of the gutters wrapping around the home. This is a gutter guard option that provides a designer appearance and it’s manufactured in the USA.

The gutters are a small yet important element to a home’s exterior. This is the perfect project to complement new vinyl siding or roofing, as it adds extra protection to the home and prevents damages such as foundational pooling. Consider Bolt gutter protection for your Milwaukee, Wisconsin home.

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