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Universal Windows Direct is a proud partner of Owens Corning. We joined forces to bring the best value roofing in Milwaukee with quality shingles and exceedingly efficient systems. This sets our roofing apart from the rest and provides local homeowners with the ultimate experience with products, roofing installation, and warranty.

Innovation of the Ideal Roof

Owens Corning provides a true state-of-the-art replacement roof. The quality shingles down to its tear-resistant underlayment defends against the harshest weather that Milwaukee offers. Beginning with the asphalt shingles, this product is heavier and more durable than competing shingles in the same price range. Its granules are top-quality asphalt that withstands elements including sleet, snow, heavy rains, and category 5 hurricane windows.

The asphalt shingles provide impressive contrast and dimension. There are a variety of color options that are available through three quality roofing lines: TruDefinition Duration, Oakridge Shingles, and Berkshire Collection.

WeatherLock G provides an essential second-layer of defense against the elements. It is a self-sealing ice and water barrier that promotes healthy water runoff from the roof. This is essential to keeping the roof free from ice collecting on the roof and morphing into costly ice dams on the gutters. It features a tear-resistant material that ensures the product will not crack or break during installation. This peel-and-stick product is applied during roofing installation by UWD.

Owens Corning also offers two products for maximized ventilation: ProEdge Hip & Ridge vent and VentSure InFlow vent. A well-ventilated roof is yet another defender against ice dams, which can easily form during Milwaukee’s frigid winters. The vents also prevent moisture from collecting in the attic and even interior ceilings that lead to moisture damage. Both products help increase ventilation, while ProEdge Hip & Ridge vent creates a smooth profile along the top of the roof. VentSure InFlow vent is a versatile design for soffitless, open-soffit, and traditional roofs. It provides protection against wind-driven rain and is installed at the eave and mid-roof.

Homeowners have peace of mind with UWD’s Preferred Protection Roofing System Limited Warranty coverage. The TruPROtection period spans up to 50 years with a 10-year workmanship limited warranty.

UWD provides roofing installation for Owens Corning products. Homeowners can expect nothing but exceptional service and quality roofing products from Universal Windows Direct of Milwaukee.

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